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Ann M Howell Piano Studio

  Programs Tailor Made for All Needs    

  PreSchool Ages 4-5  

This program is geared towards students who are just starting their musical journey. Positive emphasis on learning to read music, understanding elements of rhythm, age appropriate music theory and technique. Students are able to perform in recitals, auditions and local music teacher's association events.

   Elementary - Late Starter Ages 5-12   

School aged children who are either starting lessons or who have had some previous lessons. Students will learn to read and interpret music, study rhythm and learn to create beautiful sounds on the piano. Elements of phrasing, music theory and understanding standard composers will be taught. Students will perform in studio and local association yearly recitals, participate in the State Theory Exam at UTSA, Achievement Auditions at UTSA, SAMTA Winter Festival, National Piano Guild Auditions and numerous studio rehearsals and performance classes.

   Intermediate - Advanced Competitive   

This program is for the students who have been studying piano and have already completed the Elementary program.

This program offers advanced pianistic techniques, repertoire building and refining stage presence. Students will study music theory, have numerous performance opportunities and may participate in local, state and national piano competitions. Students will receive counseling to get on track to possibly receive music scholarships for College.


This program is for the beginner through advanced level adult student. Adult students will learn all aspects of playing piano such as note reading, expression, use of pedals and interpretation of repertoire. Adults will have the opportunity to perform in local music teacher association events and studio recitals. It's never too late to start!

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